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About Me

I was born and bred in Sydney and spent most of my adult life in Sydney’s inner city, aside from nine months in Europe and a year in Katoomba. I moved to Canberra in 2006 after meeting my husband, Jeff.


From 1988 to 1992 I studied for a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at the College of Fine Arts, New South Wales University. Then I dropped out due to messiness. I had three psychotic episodes in the 1990s and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. This site has a play, Van Gogh’s Boots, that is based on the first of these episodes. It also has a film, doG, which is based on the third episode. I finally completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Western Sydney in 2001. Then, after throwing myself into Buddhism for a while, I completed a Masters of Analytical Psychology degree at UWS in 2007. In Canberra I’ve been enrolled at the Australian National University since 2009, and have slowly chipped away at psychology and philosophy. I’ve had a variety of casual jobs but my real vocation has been following dreams. Following dreams is not well paid but it’s very rewarding.


What I would like people to take away from this site, if anything, is a different take on mental illness. It’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean you’re mad. It doesn’t mean you’re useless. It’s a tough road but if you find the right people, at the right time, it’s a fantastic voyage. Thanks to those people who have given me so much with their friendship, love, kindness, and humour.


Shauna Winram

November 2014