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Copyright 2001 / 58 minutes long.

This film contains coarse language,

nudity and sexual references.

Recommended for mature audiences.



As an artist, this is my major work. It was completed in 2001 and is based on my third psychotic episode that happened in 1997 when I was 27 years old. I spent two years working on the script, and a further two years making the film. Of course, it was not a solo project. So many people jumped on board with this project – I cannot begin to thank you all. Hopefully you are all in the credits at the end.


A point I want to emphasis is: this film was made with no budget. I bought a second hand mini DV camera, and a computer to edit on. That was it. No one got paid. There was no money for anything fancy. So don’t expect a high grade film! This is as B-Grade as it gets. Despite this, or perhaps because of this, I think this is a great film.


Psychosis is a difficult thing to understand. During the three episodes I had in the 1990s there was no part of me that realised that what was occurring to me wasn’t ‘real’. And yet, whilst they were clearly distortions of reality, they produced narratives that are on some level ‘rational’. Having said that, I still haven’t made sense of these experiences. I just know they were such profound experiences and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have had them, despite how painful they were at the time. I recorded them when I was younger both in the hope that it would help people understand psychosis; and also in the hope someone could explain these things to me.


Once again, a work like this is never a solo project. All my love goes to the wonderful Sydney folk who were part of this. And who were part of my life. I’m so glad to have this as a record – a record of some of the amazing souls who inhabited the inner city.


There is a scene near the beginning where I’m on a table yelling - don’t be put off. The story gets started right after this and it’s worth the ride. There is also a small glitch right at the beginning that happened when it was transferred, sorry.


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